Coaches and Consultants... the world changed and the industry is exploding
Capture Leads. Create Quality Appointments. Get Clients.
Steal My Funnel Gives You Everything You Need To Build A Simple Coaching Funnel Without Struggling To Know What To Say, What To Sell, Or How To Put It Together - Oh yeah, I'll even help you with the technology headaches!

John implemented Steal My Funnel, this is what he said...

"I've had 4 appointments in the last 24 hours... this is going to get really exciting!" - John B.


You may have tried a funnel or lead magnet marketing tactics before and they didn't work.   

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

You Aren't Sure What Your Lead Magnet Should be

You know how to help people but what part do you give away for free and how can you actually make people WANT it.

Copywriting Is So Hard

You feel like you have to hone your "inner car salesperson" and you don't want to resort to manipulative sales tactics.

Technology Overwhelm

The few moving parts can stop a non-techie in their tracks!  
(We will help you with that.)

Steal My Funnel is 100% for you. And at just $37, you'll have all the tools you need to build a powerful lead machine for your coaching business.

Capture Leads. Create Quality Appointments. Get Clients.
Here's What You Get With Steal My Funnel:
1. Steal My Funnel Step-By-Step 9 Module Video Training (Value $297)
2. Killer Lead Magnet Template (Value $97)
3. High Converting 9-Step Email Sequence (Value $97)
4. Powerful Facebook/Instagram Ad Templates (Value $97)
5. Foolproof Sales Letter Template (Value $97)
6. Steal My Funnel Workbook (Value $97)
7. Hands-on Support In My Private Group (Value $149)
8. BONUS: 5 Step Coaching Business Blueprint Training (Value $19)
9. Lifetime Updates: The Trainings & Materials Will Always Be Up-To-Date
Total Value: $950
Today's Price: $37
100% Money Back Guarantee
If you're not 100% satisfied with the Steal My Funnel bundle within 7 days, just send me an email and I'll give you back every single red cent.

It's Bonus Time!

You didn't think I would let you come to this page and not offer you a bonus did you?
Well, this bonus is special...

This bonus has to do with this VERY difficult time we are going through right now. The Coronavirus epidemic has effected everyone on a personal and professional level.  

Over the past several weeks, I have helped over 105 coaches & consultants develop a step-by-step plan on how to approach their business during these huge changes.

Having a plan is a crucial step in making sure your business not only survives, but THRIVES during this new reality.

I hosted a paid webinar where I detailed an exact 5 step plan that will position your coaching business to make a bigger impact, build your audience, create powerful relationships and make an offer that can benefit your prospects during these uncertain times.

Get signed up for Steal My Funnel, and I'll make sure you get a copy of this webinar.

Capture Leads.  Create Quality Appointments. Get Clients.

It's Time To Get Off The Client Feast/Famine Roller Coaster

The #1 expert in helping coaches and consultants build their brand and monetize their services.   Owner of the digital marketing agency and host of 

Oh yeah, I'm also the best selling author of that book I'm holding up there,
The CLICK Technique.

Hey there!  It's Lindsey.  I've been there and it sucks.  

The good ole' feast/famine roller coaster of getting coaching and consulting clients... only to service them and realizing you have to go wrangle up some new prospects.

It's hard.  But it doesn't have to be that way.

Everything changed for me when I finally got off my butt and made myself a automated lead machine.  

Now I have an endless amount of leads coming into my business that I can turn on and off whenever I want.

This is why I made Steal My Funnel.  
To help amazing coaches have:

More Time.
More Money.
More Freedom.
More Impact.

Join me.  I'll help!

- Lindsey Anderson
Creator of Steal My Funnel 

Check Out The Top Questions I've Received About
Steal My Funnel

Have a question? Let's get it answered!

Can't I just watch videos on YouTube and listen to podcasts to do this myself?
Sure you can but that's going to take a while, and can you really find a training that details how a coach get's quality appointments and turns them into leads?  I think not.  Most folks that are good at this are not going to share their secrets.
What technology do I need?
It is an automated sales system so you do need technology BUT with the way I've set up the training and templates, you can use any email system and implement the landing pages into any website builder (including Wix and Squarespace).    Don't forget you have access to my Facebook group to have any software related tech issues answered lickety-split!
How long do I have to wait before I get everything?
This is an on-demand product.  Once you buy Steal My Funnel, I'll send it right over and you can get to work!  The Facebook Group for support is open 24X7 and we respond to each question within 24 hours.
What do I get when I sign up?
Oh boy!  You get EVERYTHING you need to get a successful funnel up and running for your coaching business.  This includes ALL the templates for landing pages and emails as well as a 9 module training and hands-on support for any questions you have in my private Facebook group.
What types of businesses does Steal My Funnel work for?
This is one of the big reasons funnels fail... they aren't made specifically for coaches.  This training will make sure you're honed in on your perfect client, get them what they NEED and be able to book them on your calendar so you can offer them your perfect package.  So long answer short... this has been tested and vetted for coaches, consultants and experts.
How is Steal My Funnel different than other workshops and courses?
Well, you're here aren't you?  This is a comprehensive, interactive, everything you need program.  We won't even leave you high and dry with tech questions... just ask in the Facebook Group and we will get you the answers you need.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yep!  If this isn't everything I've promised above and MORE I will refund every red cent.  I do put a limit on that of 7 days!  I couldn't possibly allow that forever now could I?
What does "Lifetime Updates" mean?
Since the tech is always changing, I will be updating the training and templates to reflect any of those changes. I am also ALWAYS testing new ideas, strategies and methods, so I will be periodically adding to the Steal My Funnel materials with cutting edge, "what's working now" trainings.

What Others Are Saying About Steal My Funnel

Others have gone before you... here is what some of them had to say.

Here Is Exactly What You Get When You Buy Steal My Funnel

Fair warning... this list is HUGE.  Here is what you need to know:  
I will provide you with every page and email template you need + a step-by-step training on how to actually make this work for your business + hands on help!

Killer Lead Magnet Template

After I train you on what makes a good lead magnet, you can steal my lead magnet template to entice your prospects to download your ahhh-mazing lead magnet.

High Converting Email Sequence

I'll send you over my 9 step email sequence AND train you on how to use the power of conversational copywriting.  Leave your salesman hat at home.

Powerful FB/IG Ad Templates

Oh boy! What good is a funnel without traffic? Now I cover a great deal of non-paid strategies in my training but if you want to really amp up your funnel, steal my ad templates.

Foolproof Sales Letter Template

The sales page of your website is where the magic is made baby! It's time to shine so your prospects will hit the BUY button and enroll in your coaching programs!

Steal My Funnel Workbook

When you watch my training videos, this workbook will keep you on task. Let's work together to get this thing built for you!

Step-By-Step 9 Module Video Training

A powerful 5 part video that will detail exactly what you need to know to get your funnel to work.

Part 1 - The Power Funnel

I will outline the exact funnel that I use for my coaching and consulting clients to fill their calendars with highly-qualified prospects.

Part 2 - Irresistible Offer

Discover the powerful method that dictates the right lead magnet to offer to your perfect client.  

Part 3 - Landing Pages

I'll give you my landing page templates that get conversion rates far above industry averages.  

Part 4 - Email Automation

I'll give you my personal email templates that will talk to your leads with powerful email marketing.

Part 5 - Drive Traffic

After your powerful funnel is set up, I'll show you the exact ad strategies I've used to bring my clients hundreds of leads in each and every week.  

Hands-on Support

I'm not going to just throw this stuff over to you and expect you to put it together. There will be questions along the way! That's why you can receive all the help you need in my private Facebook Group, Build and Monetize University.
Join us over there and myself and my team will answer any questions you have!
Capture Leads. Create Quality Appointments. Get Clients.

Get clients on auto-pilot with a simple coaching funnel.

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